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Trek through the Stargate

Summary: When the Enterprise and two other Federation ships are catapulted into the Stargate universe. What will Admiral Picard do when they are unable to return to their reality?

Reason for writing: For 'Trek through the Stargate' I really wanted to give people a good crossover that would explore what would happen if Picard had to establish his own Federation in the Stargate Universe. I wanted to give people something that was exciting and full of twists. The story will have new enemies as well as original villains. It will feature Star Trek Universe and Stargate Universe technologies with very few of my 'homemade' technologies. The Tollan will also be included as a beaten and angry people.

Stargate: Return of the Old Ones

Summary: With the help of Janus Am, the United Tau'ri Alliance must go to great lengths to gain new allies and fight the long banished enemy of the Alteran.

Reason for writing:For 'Stargate: Return of the Old Ones' because I always felt that if the Alteran were 'all powerful', then they should have an enemy that was equally as advanced. Even though RotOO is about Earth (Terra) fighting this dark enemy and their minions, the Tau'ri have Janus helping them advance to the Alteran/Lantean level of technology and enlightenment while still having Asgard technology and Human ingenuity. The Tau'ri will have many allies that will rise up from the ashes of the Ori war to help them. The Tollan, Hebridan, Jaffa and Tok'ra will be the foundations of a great Alliance that will span Galaxies, even universes.

The Morra Empire: The Founding

Summary: Edward 'Eddie' Morra will use a Tok'ra invention to journey to different realities and establish the Morra Empire as a super power to be rivalled with. His Empire will follow in the foot steps of those before it, but it will dwarf even the Alteran Empire at it's hight.

Reason for writing: I was inspired by VexMaster's 'Galactic Imperium' and thought it would be good to write my own version of the fic. I always wanted to write a fic about the founding and growth of a Multi-Reality Empire. I would have prefered it to be MY Empire, but this is the next best thing. Eddie Morra will travel through many Sci-Fi realities and the Morra Empire will battle enemies by forging alliances with famous heros.

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